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The search engine marketing tools we use every day

Search marketing is our main focus and we stay on top of rapidly changing opportunities. Whatever combination of tools is needed, we have the experience to make them work for you.
  • Pay per click programs
    This is the cornerstone of search engine marketing and is one of the most cost effective direct marketing methods, if done right. Those that use it effectively now have a significant advantage over those that don't.

    A key to effectiveness is not only knowing the growing complexities and idiosyncrasies of each search marketing program, but also taking the time to know and understand the vernacular and search profile of each particular target audience. Mariano Marketing digs deep to really know and understand the markets our customers are in.

  • Search engine optimization strategies
    Solid SEO principles applied to your Web site will result in more visits from your targeted audience over time. We'll give it to you straight: search engines are stricter than ever on web sites and there is no safe trick or magic formula that will get your site ranking higher. We employ time tested, long term strategies targeting the key words your potential customers use. But while search engine ranking is important, remember, it is only a part of your search engine marketing strategy.

  • Amazon Pro Merchant Consulting
    Setting up a store in Amazon brings with it benefits and a whole new e-commerce system, with unique idiosyncrasies, to learn. Mariano Marketing has in-depth experience setting up and managing Amazon retail stores and knows how to analyze and optimize for maximum benefit.

  • Web site traffic analysis
    A gold mine of information is found in the data generated from your site's visitors. We are highly experienced in analyzing and interpreting site traffic data and using it for marketing purposes, improving effectiveness and ROI. 

  • Web marketing program analysis.
    Over the years, we have gained unique insights that help us interpret and apply the data provided by each marketing program, resulting in improve program effectiveness and ROI.

  • Online competitor analysis.
    Without focused attention to search marketing opportunities, your competition gets found first, either by design or dumb luck. We examine your competition online and develop plans to meet them where the opportunities exist.

  • Technical aspects of web marketing.
    We can work with your technology department to recommend technical refinements that will help in overall effectiveness.

  • Design aspects to enhance effectiveness.
    Through site traffic analysis, we can gain insights to where people are going and interests them most. We can even track the individual links they click to understand interest levels. From this we provide design and navigation recommendations to help increase effectiveness.
The main goal of Mariano Marketing is this: To give you the confidence that your company is aware of and benefiting from all search engine marketing opportunities that help reach your goals.

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