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Why use pay per click advertising?

  • It's effective marketing
    Your marketing budget buys you trade show booths, magazine ads, and TV and radio time that puts your message in front of your audience. The same goes for pay per click, except your message is only displayed at the exact moment they are searching for your product or service.
  • It creates a manageable touch point
    You may reach your targeted audience through multiple channels, and chances are they will use the Web to research needed purchases. A pay per click strategy is something you can control and analyze as part of your overall marketing efforts to communicate with your targeted audience.
  • It's fast
    Pay per click ads go live on some sites almost immediately.
  • It's flexible
    If the media or popular culture brings attention to your industry, you can take advantage of trends by sponsoring the associated search terms that apply to your product or service.
  • It's controllable
    Pay per click ads can be turned on or off for seasonal items, sales or special events. You can change your ad's position, delete poor performers and regulate to a budget.
  • It can be tested
    Over the years, powerful tools have been made available that help you test ad, text, scheduling and landing page variations. 
  • It has a value proposition
    You pay only when someone clicks. You may not pay for when someone clicks on a natural search listing, but you have to take into account the fees SEO firms charge for their services.
  • It's accountable
    With pay per click ads, performance data is provided by the vendor, you can use tracking codes to analyze which terms are achieving your goals, and you can calculate ROI.
Mariano Marketing offers a balanced approach using pay per click programs, search engine optimization, visitor analysis and ongoing refinement. Our emphasis is on achieving your Web site's goals, not just getting you "higher rankings," "more traffic," "better visibility," or "guaranteed placements."

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