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Search engine marketing services
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How we do search engine marketing

Search marketing has a cumulative effect and Mariano Marketing employs a comprehensive, long term approach
  • We focus on your Web site goals

  • We only employ proven and ethical SEO techniques

  • We develop paid search strategies specific to your unique product or service

  • We develop, set up and manage paid search programs by Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter and others

  • We have strong experience in Amazon retail store management and optimization

  • We analyze multiple sources of data, pinpoint sources and strategies that help accomplish your site's goals, and keep refining the process to increase results

  • We recommend, and can even make, changes to web site coding, text and navigation to better accomplish goals
Details are found in our Search Engine Marketing Services section

The Mariano Marketing difference
  • We are business people at heart
  • Our work is customized to your business and are not packaged programs, technologies or services
  • We give it to you straight: no hype, no confusing jargon, no patronizing
  • We are focused on your goals, not just driving traffic, any traffic, to your site
  • We work with you on a one-to-one basis
  • We approach every job as unique and requiring a high level of understanding
  • We draw on significant and varied Web experience built upon a solid business background
  • We are a small, selective company focused on doing each job right
Web Marketing Benefits
  • Potential to reach the vast majority of the online searching audience, U.S. and worldwide
  • High conversion rates by having a link to your site in reach at the time people are looking for what you offer
  • Detailed data, enabling constant refinement and improvement
  • High ROI
  • Ability to implement programs quickly
  • Highly cost effective (if done right!)
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